Weissensee, Austria

The Wintertriathlon Weissensee will NOT be organized in 2022

The organisation will focus on the Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee, ice-skating event (www.weissensee.nl)

Hopefully the wintertriathlon will return on the calendar in 2023.

Frost, snow and ice

2020: perfect conditions Wintertriathlon Weissensee…   we have a go!

There’s plenty of ice. And for the triathlon a snow circuit with a beautiful track has been built. The Weissensee Wintertriathlon took place on Sunday starting at 10.30 am. 

Technical details


Course length 2,5 kilometers, underground snow (or gravel / grass / concrete in case of no snow). Take into account the possibility of slippery surface, a good shoe profile or spikes are adviced

SKATING 12,5 km

Course length 12,5 kilometers on a part of the course of the Alternative Elfstedentocht. Depending on the exact length of the track one or more rounds have to be skated


Course length 2 kilometers, slightly climbing track with some descents. Both techniques are allowed on the track, the classical technique or the skating technique


Located on the mainland, near the ice. There are benches where you can put down your running shoes, ice skates and cross-country boots. The cross-country skis are placed against fences. The distance from the transition zone to the ice is max. 25 meters and is provided with a layer of snow

Good to know


You will receive a rental chip, with this, each passage will be automatically registered and afterwards you can find your own results on our website and via the app of our partner Ultimate Sports Service. This app can be downloaded from the app store Apple or Android


One care station is situated at the transition zone. Here you will get Powerbar Sports Drink, hot tea and bananas


The participant must provide the equipment by him- or herself. Cross-country skis can be rented via the local sports shop (www.alpensport.at). The modern skate boot can also be used for cross-country skiing. Our partner M and M Iceskate can provide (rental) skates. Reservations can be made via www.menmiceskate.nl


The 2020 track in detail. Green = running, red = skating, blue = cross country skiing.


The Wintertriathlon Weissensee will NOT be organised in 2022. The organisation will focus on the Alternatieve Elfstedentocht Weissensee, ice-skating. More info on www.weissensee.nl


€ 45

Registration NOT possible

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